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Friday, July 17, 2009


What is G2? Well, it's awesome! Seriously, though, here's what Gina K. posted on her blog about the site (NOTE: this is copied and pasted, just so you know):

"StampTV G2 is a website, very similar to StampTV except it's a place for tweens and teens to hang out in a creative environment that's safe and fun.

Some of things you'll find when you visit G2

~ My daughter Alicia is 14 and she is the administrator there. (She calls herself the Admin) We also have some adult moderators. Kids will have to apply for membership, free of course, and they will be watched closely until we feel they are a safe member.

~ There is a main music player so the kids can listen to music while on the site. Alicia and I are choosing that music together and making sure it's not offensive in any way.

~ There is a forum area with different categories such as Stamping Junkies, Manga Maniacs, Scrapbook Freaks, Digi-geeks, Photography Buffs, Art Addicts and Everyday Stuff.

~ There is a Freebies page that currently has a couple of digital images that can downloaded, printed and colored for those wanting to practice coloring. Feel free to print them yourself and resize them to use for cards. Alicia drew them and they are very cute, especially for making kids cards.

~ There will be some challenges with prizes such as kid- teen friendly stamp sets, iTunes cards and other fun things that kids, tweens and teens enjoy. All prizes will be by random drawing so no feelings get hurt. It's the luck of the draw kind of thing. (Just like StampTV. )

~ Each person gets their own My Page that they can customize with colors, layouts and add RSS feeds and music to make it their own.

~ We will be teaching some very basic classes in the future such as how to color and shade with pencils and markers. We will also be providing some art tutorials for drawing manga style, card making, easy scrapbooking, photography tricks and techniques. (Check out Alicia's photo gallery and look at the cool photos she did with a flashlight.)

~ This is a no-drama zone.

We hope this will be a place where your kids will come and hang out and get their creative juices flowing. At some point we will be looking for a tween-teen design team too so your kids are encouraged to upload their cards, scrapbook pages, artistic photography and artwork. All levels of skill are welcome and encouraged.

We are leaving the site open for all to enjoy throughout the weekend. Then, we will close the site off to the general public on Monday and only members who have signed up will be able to see what's going on inside by logging in. So, if your son or daughter likes it, they may want to sign up so they can keep coming back. They will still have to be approved.

Parents are welcome to be members however, we want to try to keep the site "cool" so I would encourage you to be more of a lurker than an active member and let the kids do their thing.

Most of the Design Team and StampTV Cast and Crew are members because we need adult eyes to remove anything that we feel in inappropriate. If you ever see anything that concerns you, please bring it to our attention and we will handle it right away."

So there you have it. And here's the URL for the site. Have fun!

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